Webhelp UK Shortlisted for Customer Focus Award

webhelp.uk.logo.2014.aWebhelp UK has been announced as a finalist for the ‘Quality Monitoring Customer Focus Award’ at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2015, taking place in London on 3 March.

This distinguished award recognises large scale businesses that have placed the customer at the centre of its operations, displaying a well communicated customer strategy and evidence of employee engagement in executing the plan.

Webhelp has been nominated for its forward thinking approach after implementing the ‘212 Experience’ across its business – a concept aimed at helping drive a change in culture.

Mark Ross, Client Director at Webhelp explains: “This framework takes its inspiration from simple science. At 211 degrees water is hot but at 212 degrees it boils creating steam which can power a locomotive. By applying that extra degree of effort you can achieve great success, which in this case is the ultimate customer experience.

“Part of its principles is to encourage our people to treat customer service as an attitude not a department and to treat others as you would want to be treated.”

To engage with its customer experience professionals, Webhelp took the team back to their roots, through a variety of sessions reminding them that they had the ability to improve the lives of customers by providing them with a memorable experience.

As a result, 82 per cent of associates feel they are now being coached around behaviours and not targets. The success of this framework was reflected in end of quarter results where 80 per cent of customers who had a previous grievance signed up for future services.

webhelp.uk.david.turner.image.2014David Turner, CEO at Webhelp said: “As a team, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and are constantly looking for ways in which we can up our game by championing industry leading techniques. It is a great honour to be nominated for such an award reflecting the innovative approach of our business and the hard work of the 212 Team.”

The UK Customer Satisfaction Awards is run by the Institute of Customer Service – the independent, professional membership body for customer service. The awards recognise organisations and individuals that have implemented successful customer service strategies.

Next year’s awards take place alongside the Institute’s industry-leading Annual Conference.

For additional information see Webhelp UK’s Company Profile

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