TSB Adds Smart Agent Connecting Live Contact Centre Agents

TSB has announced that it has added a ‘Smart Agent’ function to its site, enabling customers to ask a chatbot or live contact centre agent about measures the UK bank is taking during the Covid-19 pandemic.

TSB teamed up with IBM to get the new service up and running in just five days and has committed over 250 employees, most working from home, to staff it.

More than 11,000 requests have already been made through Smart Agent, helping customers get details on issues such as how to apply for a repayment holiday on mortgages, personal loans and business loans.

The service is already being upgraded, getting the ability to authenticate customers’ identities so it can provide more tailored help. A roll out to the TSB app is also in the works.

TSB says the feature has freed up its branch and call centre employees to focus on dealing with the most vulnerable customers and those that need essential services.

Suresh Viswanathan, COO TSB, says: “

We’re determined to help our customers in every way we can during this difficult period. That’s why it was important to deliver this solution quickly and I’m pleased we’ve been able to get it up and running in five days – it’s a testament to our teams working in partnership with IBM and our modern banking platform.

“It means that our colleagues across TSB who may be working from home can continue to help customers to access all our online and digital services.”



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