Cirrus Launches FastTrack180 Homeworking Solution 

Cirrus launches new FastTrack180 Homeworking solution 
Market leading Cloud Contact Centre supplier enables businesses to switch rapidly to a full feature homeworking solution to tackle COVID-19

Cirrus, award-winning supplier of omni-channel cloud Contact Centre Solutions (CCaaS) has announced its FastTrack180 homeworking solution for businesses looking to switch rapidly to remote working. The homeworking solution simply requires agents to have access to a web browser and a mobile phone or landline. Company numbers can be redirected to home workers within minutes, enabling businesses to continue to work in times of emergency. This new fast track homeworking solution is suitable for businesses of every size from those with just a few staff to enterprises with an employee base of thousands.

With the Cirrus FastTrack180 Homeworking solution business managers and supervisors can still retain access to full reporting capabilities giving insight into their remote contact centre operation down to the most granular level.  Once configured within the Cirrus cloud, customers can be up and running within hours of requesting the service.

Glen Blow, Product Director at Cirrus commented;

“In these unprecedented times providing continuity of service is of paramount importance to every business. Enabling staff to work remotely from home with a Contact Centre solution that provides the same look and feel and functionality as if they were in the office, means that companies can continue business, and staff can continue to provide a great service because they have the right tools for the job.

“We have designed the FastTrack180 homeworking solution to enable new customers to benefit from our powerful Cloud Contact Centre solutions, and for our existing customers to be able to scale up their homeworking operations very fast.”

Charged on a Pay as You Go basis, Cirrus’ new homeworking service provides an out-of-the-box solution for firms looking to scale up fast to deal with emergencies such as COVID-19, and other business continuity situations.

Alex Ayers, Gamma Enterprise Sales Director commented;

“The flexibility and scalability of the Cirrus’ CcaaS platform, combined with Cirrus’ agility and speed of deployment will be of great value to Gamma’s customers who need a temporary, flexible homeworking contact centre solution, that doesn’t compromise on functionality or security.

The FastTrack180 solution is perfect for this and we are already helping customers in Retail, Banking and Insurance, by providing this service to support their contact centre operations during these challenging times.’’



For additional information on Cirrus FastTrack180 Click Here

As contact centre specialists selling exclusively through the channel, Cirrus partners with ambitious companies to help them achieve the dream of flawless customer experience.

Cirrus solutions combine best in class voice, email, chat and social media. With a cloud infrastructure, Cirrus operates on a real-time basis with unlimited scalability and the highest level of resilience and security. Cirrus implementations typically range from 5 – 1,000’s of users and customers benefit from the ability to unify resource across separate geographic locations (including homeworkers), leverage omni-channel capability and move to a single view of the customer.

Cirrus provides a range of automation and managed solutions including on-the-fly translation for voice calls, and managed Conversational AI (CAI) that support 24/7 operations while keeping costs low.

Cirrus has a broad range of experience across both the public and the private sector.

High profile clients include Virgin Trains, NHS, Clarks, FCA, CAA, LAA, Cafcass, and InsureTheBox.

For additional information on Cirrus visit their Website

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