Talkative Partner with Formula 1® To Improve CX

Talkative has announced a long-term partnership with Formula 1® using customer contact technology to manage interactions with over 500 million fans, improving support and user experience through and F1TV.

Talkative enables Formula 1® to handle all customer interaction types in a truly omnichannel environment. The solution delivers chats, calls, and emails natively into the Formula 1® CRM, providing a single view of the fan for agents. The CRM integration lets agents see all fan activity at an account level, reducing interaction times by two minutes. Agents can escalate to voice and cobrowse with fans to resolve issues, with instant visibility into fan account details and previous interaction history.

Formula 1® can now streamline contact handling through omnichannel and account-based handling rather than siloed channels, allowing efficient responses and avoidance of multiple responses to the same issue. To help manage spikes in contacts on race weekends, supervisors are able to update chat and voice channels in real-time with incident messaging, giving fans live updates and reducing strain on the contact centre.

With localised support for multiple languages across contact channels, with instant, real-time translation to support over 100 languages, global F1 fans share the same high-quality online experience regardless of their geographic location.

Formula 1® selected Talkative after a thorough vendor review process, with security, resilience and 24/7 support all offering key aspects of the solution. The service will be visibly ‘Powered by Talkative’ across with the Talkative logo displayed in the chat widget.

Matt Kemp, Head of CRM & Customer Operations, of Formula 1, said,

“Talkative understood the opportunity we presented to them, which was to provide a true onmi-channel experience working natively within our CRM environment for our F1TV fans.

Talkative enables choice and flexibility across communication channels where fans decide how they want to connect, even switching between channels mid conversation. We are excited to work with Talkative and hope this will be the first of many innovations as we further develop our world class fan experience.”

Felix Winstone, Managing Director at Talkative, said,

“We are delighted to partner with Formula 1, a global brand that represents the pinnacle of technology innovation. The F1 customer care team has a forward-thinking approach to customer engagement with the highest bar for quality. Even with ambitious delivery timelines, our team has delivered a game-changing customer service solution that helps F1 agents to support millions of fans around the world on the channel of their choice. We’re looking forward to iterating the solution to find greater efficiencies and improved fan experience. Ongoing enhancements will also benefit our other clients and technology partners, such as Salesforce and Mitel, who are using Talkative for digital customer contact.”



For additional information on Talkative visit their Website

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