Sweden creates countrywide contact centre using cloud

Sweden creates a countrywide contact centre using cloud based technology from Intelecom

Sweden is the first country in the world to have its own telephone number

swedish.number.image.april.2016The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) has launched “The Swedish Number” and people from all over the world can call to speak to a randomly selected Swede – about anything!  The new initiative is built on cloud-based contact center technology from Intelecom.

Sweden became the first country in the world to introduce a constitutional law to abolish censorship 250 years ago, in 1766. To honor this anniversary, Sweden has introduced its own phone number. This means that anyone in the world can call and talk about Sweden with ordinary Swedish citizens working in collaboration via a single telephone number,  +46 771793336.

Behind the solution is Intelecom one of the first companies to develop a cloud based contact centre. Intelecom’s technology enables the solution by queuing and distributing calls, producing reports, keeping statistics and more. Swedish people can make themselves available for calls via the cloud-based contact centre by downloading a smartphone app, based on Intelecom’s open application interfaces (APIs).   This means that anyone in Sweden with a smartphone and a Swedish number can register as an “Ambassador to Sweden”.

One of the registered Swedes is then randomly selected to discuss and answer questions from people in other countries who call in and are curious about Sweden. The caller does not know the identity of who is answering their call, as everything is handled anonymously.

intelecom.børge.astrup.image.nov.2015Børge Astrup, Managing Director of Intelecom Contact Centre Division commented,

“The Cloud allows flexibility of location, plus device and technology independence which are just some of the factors that have enabled this unique project.

Previously, this could not have been possible because contact centre agents would have been required to sit in the same physical location using onsite telephony equipment. It is exciting to see the service is already a great success and we will follow progress of the countrywide Swedish contact centre with interest.”

swedish.number.image.april.2016Additional Information

For additional information about the Swedish Number visit their dedicated Website or view the introductory Campaign Video

For additional information on Intelecom visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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