NICE Systems Solution Tackles Customer Grievances Head On

nice.systems.logo.2015Got a Complaint? New NICE Solution Tackles Customer Grievances Head-on to Create Perfect Experiences – By capturing, identifying, and managing complaints across the enterprise, organizations will increase customer satisfaction and mitigate regulatory risks

NICE Systems have announced a new solution suite to help organisations manage customer dissatisfaction at an early stage, prevent the escalation of complaints, and proactively address the issues that lead to customer grievances. In doing so, the NICE Complaints Management Suite will help these companies improve the customer experience while also satisfying regulatory requirements.

According to Tim Banting, Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Communication, Current Analysis, “Organisations are saddled not only by increasingly stringent regulations, but also by more demanding customers with higher service expectations. Today, they face a mounting complaint volume that can easily weaken their service levels and reputation, as well as leave them at regulatory risk. As a result, any expression of dissatisfaction regarding a product, service, policy or employee would be documented as a complaint that the organization must promptly handle in order to keep customers and regulators satisfied.”

The NICE Complaints Management solution is based on a unique combination of advanced speech, text and desktop analytics. This allows companies to automatically detect complaints inferred from customer interactions across various channels. It also provides a platform to manage and monitor complaints status, generate reports and statistics, and proactively resolve customer issues before they are escalated.

For example, during a conversation with a customer, the analytics engine will detect a specific phrase like “this is unfair.” The interaction is then classified as a potential complaint and is pushed, via the Complaints Dashboard, to a complaints officer for further review. This also triggers the opening of a case file for further investigation and management.

The solution leverages NICE’s Interaction Analytics solution to automatically identify complaints in the voice and text channels, and to establish the appropriate workflows for managing these complaints. It also integrates with NICE’s real-time capabilities, providing agent guidance on how to handle the customer interaction and auto-populating customer information on the desktop.

nice.systems.miki.migdal.image.2015“Companies that are able to mitigate customer complaints up front will be in a better position to create perfect experiences for their customers and mitigate regulatory risk,” said Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group.

“The NICE solution delivers a single platform that enables these organisations to effectively identify and manage complaints in real time, and take the right measures to predict and prevent them where possible.”

nice.systems.logo.2015For additional information see the Nice Systems Website

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