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NICE Introduces Adaptive WFO Powered by the Agent Persona -

NICE Introduces Adaptive WFO Powered by the Agent Persona

nice.logo.2013NICE Introduces Adaptive WFO Powered by the Agent Persona – Adaptive WFO enables organisations to create personalised experiences for both service agents and consumers in order to drive performance, reduce attrition, and improve customer experience

NICE Systems have announced that it is transforming its approach to Workforce Optimisation (WFO) by personalising the organisation-employee relationship in order to drive engagement and improve performance in the contact centre.

Adaptive WFO creates a workforce planning, management and engagement environment that adapts in real time to the agent persona. These personas are generated based on advanced multi-channel analytics data, such as CSAT scores, average handles times (AHT), coaching results, first-contact resolution (FCR), tenure, past work experience and education.

This enables organisations to pinpoint agent behaviours, such as strengths and weaknesses, whether they perform better in the morning or the evening, and what incentives really motivate them. The persona is also determined by new data created by applying predictive analytics to customer interactions to identify and categorise all observed behaviours.
Companies can then match all of those factors with an understanding of the cross-channel customer journey, allowing them to establish dynamic, personalised processes, as well as an empowering working environment, that ultimately leads to better customer service.

This new approach to WFO will provide:
• Increased service levels through flexible persona-based routing, scheduling and forecasting
• Tailored onboarding and coaching that adjusts the learning path for each employee, automatically reducing manual processes
• Improved CSAT through tighter alignment between customer experience and agent performance
• Personalised engagement plans to improve employee retention Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group

“Service agents personify the brand of any company as they have the greatest exposure to customers. This means that organisations must invest in engaging and empowering these employees at least as much as they invest in understanding their customers’ journey. The concept of Adaptive WFO focuses on personalising all of the contact centre processes that affect employee performance, from recruiting to scheduling and coaching, in order to drive greater improvements throughout the operation and help companies drive perfect experiences for their customers.”

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For additional information visit the NICE Website

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