NICE CXone Gets Top Honours for Contact Centre Platforms

NICE CXone Gets Top Honours for Contact Centre Platforms in Metrigy Research
NICE’s end-to-end integrated contact centre platform, CXone, delivers proven business success and is highly ranked by customers

NICE today announced that it has been recognised as a MetriStar Top Provider in the Contact Centre Platform category from among 16 companies evaluated. Based on a ranking of sentiment scores and proven business success among NICE customers, the Metrigy report evaluates the value realised from various contact centre solutions. With both quantitative metrics and open-ended qualitative commentary, customers rated the NICE platform very highly in nearly every area.

The Metrigy report gave NICE the highest overall score among the 16 contact centre providers evaluated, with capabilities such as value of the product/service, security capabilities and integrations with other applications as top performing areas. The report highlighted NICE’s comprehensive customer experience portfolio as being key to its top score in both the customer sentiment and business success areas of the report. Its global reach, excellence in AI and Automation through Enlighten AI, ability to integrate with WFO and delivery of related benefits to agents and supervisors on coaching, scheduling and more were also highlighted in the report.

The evaluations driving NICE’s recognition as a top vendor were performed during Metrigy’s Customer Experience MetriCast 2022 study, which included surveys of 1,846 CX leaders from companies in 10 countries across three regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific). Participants provided feedback on both the measurable business impact and their subjective assessment of contact centre platforms they have been using.

Business impact was assessed using data showing before-and-after changes in relevant metrics (revenue, costs, customer ratings, and agent efficiency). Customer sentiment was based on participant ratings of the platform for its value (“bang for the buck”), features, reliability, integration, analytics and AI capabilities, support, and security. These results provided insights for ranking the correlation between the use of the contact centre platforms and measurable business success.

Robin Gareiss, CEO & Principal Analyst, Metrigy, commented,

“Contact centre platforms are the communications core of all customer engagement technologies. They might include routing of calls to appropriate customer service agents, self-service options, omnichannel interaction capabilities, and the like. Increasingly, providers like NICE that embrace emerging technology are adding artificial-intelligence-based apps, such as conversational AI, personalised analytics and adaptive workforce optimisation.

In a crowded field, NICE stands out for bringing its customers both consistent business success and satisfaction. We are pleased to honour NICE’s achievement by naming them a MetriStar Top Provider.”

Paul Jarman, CEO, NICE CXone, commented,

“Eliminating friction in CX today demands an end-to-end contact centre platform that’s powered by AI and combines digital entry points, journey orchestration, smart self-service, prepared agents and performance optimisation tools.

We are very pleased to see the Metrigy research provide independent recognition of the value our customers gain from our commitment to creating effortless, consistent and personalised contact centre interactions.



For a complimentary copy of the report, click here.

With NICE, it’s never been easier for organizations of all sizes around the globe to create extraordinary customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. Featuring the world’s #1 cloud native customer experience platform, CXone, NICE is a worldwide leader in AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software for the contact centre – and beyond. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, partner with NICE to transform – and elevate – every customer interaction.

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