Jabra headsets Driving efficiency in your Contact Centre

Why Jabra headsets are driving efficiency in your contact centre – PMC Telecom take a look from a Channel Reseller’s angle

jabra.logo.oct.2016For contact centre staff, headsets are treasured companions, and the wrong one can lead to a costly lack of productivity at work. The market is fierce when it comes to available solutions, but Jabra always seems to be ahead of the game.

So what exactly are they doing right? And why are their designs proving so popular for so many contact centres and offices?

Here are a few reasons why we at PMC Telecom think they are doing so well…

jabra.productivity.image.oct.2016 1. They know how boost workplace productivity

Jabra have exclusively-commissioned research based around keeping staff focused and comfortable in the workplace.

Their Power of Conversation campaign acknowledges exactly what the title says, and creates devices with specialised features which make them unrivalled on the office headsets market.

 jabra.cancellation.image.oct.2016.12. They are racing ahead with noise cancellation technology

Anyone who works in a call centre or a busy office environment knows all too well how costly distractions can be. The peace and quiet to work is key to staying focused and getting the most out of the working day – and Jabra pride themselves on unrivalled noise cancellation headsets. Jabra’s own research found that it takes an average person 23 minutes to refocusafter being distracted at work, prompting them to launch the popular Evolve Series designed to create peace in loud, open plan offices.

jabra.embrace.image.oct.2016.13. They embrace that everybody is different

One workplace can be drastically different to another, even if they are doing the same job. One solid reason why Jabra headsets are dominating busy workplaces is because the creators don’t just understand, they embrace the variety of clients’ needs. Jabra are known for variety and adaptation. In their own words: “We believe that technology should adapt to people, not the other way around.” This is more than evident in their office headset products, with all of the different features accounting for different environments.

jabra.free.trial.image.oct.20164. They offer free headset trials

It’s easy to boast about Jabra’s office headsets and their popularity, but you have to know that they work for your business.

It’s always a good sign when a free product trial is offered, and Jabra makes this offer quite clear. Jabra allows anyone to sign up for a free trial

If that’s not confidence in the product, we don’t know what is.

jabra.newsletter.image5. PMC Telecom recommends the Jabra Biz 2300

The Jabra BIZ 2300 is an extremely robust headset with cutting edge noise cancelling technology for your workplace. Available at a really competitive price point (RRP: £109 – various prices from different retailers. PMC have some good prices.)

This headset comes in monaural and binaural variations so you can kit your staff out as appropriate – it is certainly a favourite with our customers.

pmc.logo.oct.2016Additional Information

For additional information on PMC Telecom visit their Website

For additional information on Jabra range of contact centre headsets visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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