Homeworkers opting for Group Conference Calls

homeworking.image.2014In the modern day world of home working or ‘telecommuting’, more companies are opting for a group conference call over face-to-face meetings to avoid the logistical nightmare of arranging a meeting room space and relying on everyone being there on time, furthermore, it has actually been found that a successful conference call meeting can be more beneficial than a face-to-face meeting.

Irrespective of the size of your business, it goes without saying that you will regularly require contact with clients or business partners. Imagine trying to coordinate 30 staff members and business partners to meet in an office at the same place and same time. On the contrary, using a conference call service is a stress-free and cost effective way to hold meetings.

Our friends at Tripudio Telecom have come up with a simple, low cost conferencecall solution on an international availability – Totally Conference. With a little forward planning; teleconferencing can be a productive use of your time.

Totally Conference has shared a few conference call tips to bear in mind for your next teleconference to make sure you get the most out of your next conference call.

Forward planning:

Elect a conference call host who can make a list of all attendees, check their availability and invite them on the conference call (including their dial in number and 6 digit conference callPIN). P.S, remember to include time zones – “13:00 GMT” for example. The call hosts should take important notes/minutes thought-out the meeting.

Determine your goals:

Create a specific agenda for your conference call to ensure you cover all the important topics and to help the meeting on time. Having an agenda can also keep call participants focused on the subject at hand, rather than feeling the need to check emails or be distracted elsewhere. It can also be useful for the conference host to send any written material to each conference call participant in advance with their call invitation. This will allow them time to gather thoughts prior to the call.

During the Call:

Depending on the number of call attendees, try to begin on time. Take a register of call participants at the beginning of theconference so that everyone knows who is involved and their job roles (for multi-company teleconferences and when participants don’t know each other).

Be enthusiastic:

Set a positive mood for the meeting – remember, some conference call participants will be attending the call from home so don’t allow them to be easily side-tracked. Pause occasionally throughout the meeting to get feedback, make sure everyone is on-board and questions are answered.

At the end of the call:

Go around the conference participants, addressing each person individually and raising any important information. Summarise what was discussed, clarify your call-to-action and instruct everyone to hang up. Your conference call host should email notes/minutes taken during the meeting to each conference call participant as well as non-attendees.

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