The Future of Customer Service 2013

cca_logo_new.croppedThe CCA Kcom ‘Future of Customer Service’ report 2013 marks the third year this authoritative research project has been carried out. A blend of bespoke consumer research, desk research and our member survey will generate unique comparative data and insight on the critical ways in which service habits and preferences are changing.

The scope of the in-depth research has been extended this year to provide even more valuable results – for the first time it will drill down into specific industry sectors, painting a detailed picture of today’s customer service landscape and also providing greater clarity on future trends.

The project will look not only at the different ways customers choose to make contact, but the drivers that influence whether they choose voice, automated self-service or other routes.

The pace of digital change has been so rapid that for the first time in modern history, customer behaviour is changing as rapidly as the technologies that are enabling the change. In the midst of this technological revolution businesses need to form as clear a view of the future as possible in order to take informed investment decisions in relation to both technology and people.

We encourage all members to participate in our member survey to ensure it is as representative as possible and to enable us to generate the maximum amount of quality data. Our aim is to garner opinion from a wide range of professionals across various sectors and business types, including both private and public sector organisations.

At a time of transition we want to explore with you what the future of customer service might look like and how you are actively planning to shape it. We want your views on the biggest challenges you face in managing transition from a voice to a multi and omni-channel environment?

The more members who take part, the more they can benefit from the results of the research and apply it in their current professional roles as well as drawing on it for forward-planning purposes.

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