The Contact Centre Manager Handbook to Agent Happiness

The contact centre Manager Handbook to Agent Happiness – Evaluagent

evaluagent_happiness_guide-01A guide by Evaluagent for leaders and managers in the contact centre industry who want to create happy and motivated teams

Call centre agent happiness

Creating a contact centre that is home to great customer service means getting the balance right between efficiency, cost and the happiness of agents.

Contrary to popular belief, agent happiness doesn’t just come from a high salary, lavish benefits, and bean bags in the staff room. The real way to ensure your staff are truly happy is to address the experiences they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

By downloading this agent happiness guide you can find out:

– Why the happiness of agents is so important to the success of the contact centre

– How to address and identify what elements of your business are making your staff unhappy

– What you can do to transform the daily lives of your teams and drive performance

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