EBI.AI launches CoronaBot – Customer Support during Coronavirus

EBI.AI launches free CoronaBot – New pre-trained bot to help companies smooth out peaks and troughs when unexpected events occur and customer demand increases

EBI.AI, one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) labs in the UK, has launched a brand-new bot designed to help companies manage the increased and fluctuating number of customer calls caused by the current Coronavirus emergency.

Free of charge and available immediately, CoronaBot is pre-trained to answer the most commonly asked questions during challenging times to take pressure off organisations with growing contact volumes and shrinking frontline teams such as,

‘Are you operating normally?’

‘What is your policy on Coronavirus?’

‘How can I protect myself?’

‘Do you provide a delivery service?’

‘Is there a click and collect service?’

‘Is it safe to get products delivered?’

‘How do I contact you?’

EBI.AI customers are turning to conversational AI to support business continuity planning and maintain calm in a highly unpredictable environment while continuing to deliver an exceptional customer experience. One major travel company has managed to keep call volumes at a sustainable level despite the number of conversations with their virtual assistant rising 290% during Storm Ciara and Dennis and 259% a week since Coronavirus struck.

Henry Jinman, Commercial Director of EBI.AI commented,

“Recently, we’ve seen unprecedented demand in call rates to our customers’ contact centres, often escalating to three times more than usual. Frontline teams are under enormous pressure to manage the exceptional peaks and troughs caused by increased demand in these challenging times.

We know our technology already works, rapidly revolutionising customer interactions with faster, better resolutions to customer queries. Now, we’ve gone one step further, exploring the potential of AI to maintain ‘business as usual’ when unexpected events happen. We are offering bots already pre-trained to answer the most frequently asked questions. We can also specially configure CoronaBot to address any company’s unique set of disaster scenarios.”

EBI.AI has applied nearly 20 years of collective experience working with big data, analytics and systems integration to discover, market and deploy a range of natural, valuable tools for all businesses across multiple sectors including automotive, insurance, property, public sector and transport & travel. The company’s core AI platform is built on IBM Watson and integrates with all leading systems.



CoronaBot is free of charge to all customers of EBI.AI. New customers should call 01926 623303 or email EBI.AI

Existing customers should contact their account manager for more details. To learn how conversational AI can tactically manage peaks and troughs during adverse conditions and strategically support business continuity planning, visit the EBI.AI Website

Established by EBI in 2014, Warwick-headquartered EBI.AI is among the most advanced UK labs to explore the mind-boggling potential of Artificial Intelligence for customer communication. It is changing the ways businesses interact with their customers by providing faster and better resolutions to customer queries using conversational AI technology.

The company has applied its collective 18 years’ experience of working with big data, analytics and systems integration to create a range of innovative and natural tools for all businesses in multiple sectors including Transport & Travel, Property, Insurance, Public and Automotive.

EBI was one of the first IBM Watson Ecosystems Partners and EBI.AI’s core platform was originally based on IBM Watson. This has evolved over 5 years and EBI.AI now selects the best AI and cloud services available from IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and others, combined with bespoke AI models to deliver its EBI.AI communication platform.

For additional information on EBI.AI visit their Website

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