Customer Experience Foundation ‘Retail CX Report’

The latest report from the Customer Experience Foundation “Retail CX Report” is now available for FREE download

Key Highlights in the report include;

» It is all about planning and looking at the trends to ensure you have the right number of staff in place and the right systems.

More companies are seeing their contact centre agents as brand ambassadors due to their pivotal role in shaping the customer experience and perceptions of a brand.

» We need to be encouraging contact centre agents to engage in continuous learning and upskilling programmes.

» Robots cannot show empathy – Yet!

» ‘Humanness’ is so important.

No matter what the product is, retailers are experiencing very similar problems in terms of continuing to create fantastic customer experiences.

Many retailers are in the same situation when it comes to still testing out the waters when it comes to AI, focussing on employee empowerment rather than direct customer contact.

It is about end-to-end touch points, not just the initial sale.

BPO organisations can achieve cost savings for retail brands by leveraging economies of scale, centralised operations, strong technology offering, and access to a skilled and cost-effective workforce, often in lower cost regions.

Some brands have seen savings of up to £3.8 million a year and others an increase in NPS to 80%.



To download the FREE report from Customer Experience Foundation “Retail CX Report” Click Here

Keith Gait MBA CCXP is Chief Executive at The Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO) – For additional information on the Customer Experience Foundation visit their Website



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