Corptel Shout About the New Jabra Noise Guide

Corptel, the Greater Manchester based telecoms equipment supplier, are currently promoting the new Jabra Noise Guide to their customers.

A truly unique product made to overcome one of the biggest barriers to productivity that has arisen from the popularity of working in an open-plan office culture – unwanted noise.

The concept is simple: a bold, brightly coloured visual indicator which is placed into a work environment so that everyone working there can understand how loud and disruptive a level of noise is being experienced.

Jabra has found, through studies in the workplace, that among the workers they spoke to approximately 35% worked in open-plan offices and just as many stated a negative impact from the noise levels of nearby colleagues and perceived the open-plan environment as the least productive place to work.

The Noise Guide unit can be strategically placed in an office or contact centre where it will monitor and record the level of noise in the workplace and provide instant visual feedback with the highly visible LED indicator. It will display a green, orange or red ‘ear’ logo depending on the noise levels, turning orange and then red as sound rises above pre-set limits.

Workers and their managers will be able to see when noise is rising and respond by reducing problem noise.

The Jabra Noise Guide is a product which will be of great benefit to call centres, and anyone who works in an open-plan office and needs to focus, or for those taking lots of calls in noisy environments.

The Jabra Noise Guide signals to people in open-plan offices if the noise level is too high, making it possible to plan how to respond and regulate their behaviour to support the overall group productivity.

Beyond the instant feedback, the Noise Guide also features a light strip at the base of the unit which monitors a ‘noise trend’, indicating the average noise level over a set period in the same ‘traffic light’ system, so that the users can see an intuitive representation of overall everyday noise levels.

The ability to record data on the level of noise over time and the benefits of Jabra’s SoundEar® 3 software, which will allow the download of data recorded by the unit via USB and analysis of the hard statistics it provides, make Noise Guide an invaluable tool in managing the health and well-being of staff and improving the quality of calls.

It also easily demonstrates its own effectiveness because the clear drop-off in distracting and unwanted noise can be observed over time.

Additional Information

corpteluk.logo_.2015-300x117Corptel are offering contact centres the chance to trial the Noise Guide on a Sale or Return basis for 14 days without obligation, and are currently offering free site visits to demonstrate the product.

For additional information on the Jabra Noise Guide and how it can change the contact centre for the better Click Here or to download the Datasheet Click Here

For additional information on Corptel visit their Website , view their Company Profile or telephone them on 01942 262526

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