Why the Cloud changes the game for small contact centres

Why the Cloud changes the game for small contact centres – Jason Roos, Chief Executive Officer, Cirrus.

I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had with the managers of small contact centres, where their major challenge and cause of frustration is the technology they use.

Just because a contact centre is small:

– It doesn’t mean it should not have flexible, intelligent and user-definable queuing and routing.

– It doesn’t mean it would not benefit from smart self-service apps, queue call back capabilities or CTI. –

It doesn’t negate the need for intelligent real-time reporting or quality management… and the list goes on.

The reason this is a constant challenge is that to purchase and deploy all of these capabilities within the contact centre is expensive. You wouldn’t find this so much in the larger contact centre, as the investment is spread across many agents, however, for the smaller contact centre it is almost impossible to demonstrate realistic timescales for a ROI per head.

The Cloud Changes the Game

The evolution of Cloud technology has enabled these sophisticated contact centre platforms and applications to be hosted and provided to contact centres as a pay-as-you-use service.

This changes the game fundamentally. By consuming these applications as-a-service there is no capital investment required, no hardware required, and no lengthy and expensive deployment project. This means implementing intelligent call management, self-service, call recording, PCI payment processing or real-time reporting, is as cost effective for a contact centre of 10 agents as it is for a contact centre of 100, 500 or 1,000 agents.

The cloud and the new breed of contact centre technology providers such as CIRRUS makes it possible for smaller contact centres and provides them with access to applications that were previously only affordable for the larger contact centre. This is an exciting time for the smaller contact centre and an opportunity for the managers of these contact centres to make transformational changes in their operation.

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Jason Roos is Chief Executive Officer at Cirrus.

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