CCMA Benchmarking Tool now open for 2024 Registrations

CCMA Benchmarking Tool for contact centres now open for 2024 Registrations – Get ready to Measure, Compare and Improve! 

As the year draws to a close, the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association) is preparing contact centres for the year ahead, with their CCMA Benchmarking tool. Every year, this powerful tool offers a platform for CCMA members to measure over 25+ critical metrics against their industry peers and receive a comprehensive report on how they compare and can improve. The CCMA Benchmarking portal is now open for registrations and the portal will be accessible for members to enter their data from 2 January until 2 February 2024.

Now more than ever, the contact centre industry is facing constant change, and organisations are adapting and innovating in order to keep up with evolving consumer and customer behaviours. In addition, contact centre leaders are required to create an environment that is conducive to employee engagement and satisfaction, while also providing the necessary tools and resources to ensure customer satisfaction. Which is where the CCMA see the benchmarking tool as a key component to helping senior leaders understand their operational performance outcomes.

Leigh Hopwood, CEO, CCMA says,

“Many of our members who take part in the CCMA Benchmark have been doing so for a number of years. It is a great way to monitor progress against performance outcomes based on changes they make throughout the year. Benchmarking against KPIs is only part of the picture when exploring how to create operational excellence. Combine it with the Contact Centre Standards Framework, which assesses the inputs within a contact centre, and senior leaders are equipped with insights that can really effect change. That is when we will see real changes in the industry and customer experience.”

CCMA members will have an opportunity to gather data relating to Customer, Operations and People measures and enter it into the portal to find out how their outputs compares to other contact centres and gain valuable insights on where they can improve in the coming year and where resources and budgets are needed most.

We anticipate some interesting results when we look at metrics relating the great pivot to hybrid working three years ago, some operations have managed to thrive, while others have asked colleagues to return to the office full time. Taking part in the CCMA Benchmarking will highlight industry trends in this area and many more.

Strategy Manager Customer Care at The Very Group 

“We find the CCMA benchmarking exercise really valuable in understanding how we compare with other businesses across a whole range of customer, operational and people metrics.

The robust methodology and the index give real confidence when sharing the insight with stakeholders. It always provokes debate and discussion amongst the team when we receive it, then we pull on it through the year to answer specific queries or questions that arise.”



To Register for CCMA Benchmarking Tools Click Here

For nearly 30 years, the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), as the longest established contact centre industry body, has been dedicated to supporting contact centre leaders across the UK. Founded on the principles of sharing best practice and networking to improve skills and knowledge, the CCMA is a thriving community that represents leaders from a huge cross-section of the industry.

Membership of the largest community in the industry offers unique opportunities, such as the opportunity to be an Accredited Contact Centre through the Contact Centre Standards Framework, free annual benchmarking of 25+ KPIs, free entry into the UK National Contact Centre Awards and free tickets to the UK National Contact Centre Conference, invites to Executive Networking Dinners and exclusive events for members-only. Members also benefit from discounted training through the UK National Contact Centre Academy, the industry’s training partner.

To support the industry further, the CCMA conducts regular original research for download, including the annual Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer research, the Evolution of the Contact Centre tracking the industry’s progress and Good Practice Guides on a variety of topics.

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