CardEasy Making Card Payments Secure in Travel Contact Centres

CardEasy leads the way in the travel industry for making card payments secure in contact centres

Syntec will be demonstrating its CardEasy ‘keypad payment by phone’ system for payment card data security at Travel Tech Europe 2016 at Olympia on 24th/25th February.

Syntec is a PCI DSS level-1 service provider and a participating member of the PCI Security Standards Council and provides telecommunications and other managed services to contact centres across many industry sectors in the UK and internationally.

syntec.simon.beeching.image.sept.2015“In the last couple of years, the take-up of our CardEasy system has been phenomenal, establishing Syntec as the clear market leader in the travel industry for helping resolve security issues around card payments in call centres” comments Syntec Director Simon Beeching.

Syntec’s integrated contact centre systems, including CardEasy, are in use by numerous travelcos including Teletext Holidays and Truly Travel, Newmarket Holidays, Sun Holidays, Travelsoon, Icelolly, Vertical Systems, Mitelecom and CTS.

“A number of other very large travel organisations and cruise companies have been referred to us recently for our CardEasy solution by the major payment gateways with which CardEasy is integrated, so it’s clear that the card schemes including Visa, MasterCard and American Express are now getting tougher with the industry about resolving PCI DSS controls in call centres, which they view as an ongoing fraud risk“ adds Simon Beeching.

“The beauty of our CardEasy payment solution is that nearly all the required PCI controls are resolved at a stroke by enabling your customers to enter their own card numbers using the keypad of their phone, in the middle of the conversation with your agent, as the agent and call recordings can no longer see or hear the sensitive card data being transmitted for payment authorisation”.

CardEasy uses the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) touchtones of the customer’s phone handset to integrate via Syntec with the Payment Gateway(s), so that the sensitive card numbers bypass the call centre altogether, whether live in mid-call with the agent or using an automated IVR customer self-service system. This removes the need for awkward or partial solutions such as ‘pause & resume call recordings’ or ‘clean rooming agents’ which still leave the call centre open to data breaches, as they continue to require the customer to read their card numbers out to the agent (which Syntec’s research indicates only 1% of consumers think is secure anyway). Conversely, with CardEasy there is no need for the agent to ask for or capture the card numbers, so call recordings can be full length and uninterrupted as there is no sensitive card data entering the contact centre environment which can be seen, heard, stored or compromised.

“I’m quite sure that within 3 to 4 years, customers will simply refuse to give out their card numbers over the phone if they’re asked to. By contrast, our own clients’ experience demonstrates immediate uptake and acceptance of this new DTMF ‘keypad payment by phone’ technology, irrespective of customers’ age profile as they immediately trust it, so it is rapidly becoming the standard” says Simon Beeching.

“As CardEasy can work as a hosted or cloud system it can also be implemented universally across multi-site and international operations, with whichever telephony system the merchant uses and even with their homeworkers and outsourcers, paying for itself through PCI compliance cost savings, reductions in merchant fees/fines and through improved call centre efficiency”.



Syntec will be exhibiting CardEasy at Travel Technology Europe 2016 at Olympia, 25th – 26th February, Stand no. T24

Simon Beeching is moderating a keynote Travel Technology Europe seminar Thursday, 25 February 2016 – 10.00-10.55 in the Disrupt theatre.

For additional information on Syntec  view their Company Profile

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