6 Steps to Card Payment Security in Contact Centres

Syntec’s patented CardEasy system lets your customers enter their card numbers using the touchtone keypad of their own phone, mid-call in conversation with the contact centre agent or using customer self-service autopay (IVR).

This technology is called ‘DTMF masking’ as the dual tone multi frequency tones are suppressed, so as not to be fully audible or visible.

– Payment card data can no longer be seen, heard or stored in contact centres & call recordings-
– Improves customer experience & call handling times whilst reducing miskeying
– Flexible on-premise & cloud deployment options

This de-scopes your call centre and call recordings from PCI DSS, reducing the risk and costs associated with managing card payments in your contact centre, whilst improving customer trust, call handling times and lost transaction rates.

CardEasy enables you to comply fully with PCI DSS as follows:

– Your contact centre agents will not be exposed to callers’ sensitive card numbers

– Card numbers will not be stored in your call recordings or captured in screen recordings

– As the sensitive card numbers do not enter your contact centre or network, this de-scopes this environment almost completely from PCI DSS regulations and audit requirements

– Your contact centre agents can talk to the caller throughout to control the call and transaction

– CardEasy also offers a customer self-service autopay option (IVR) for 24/7 service and when no agent assistance is required (such as balances payable, utility bills, charity donations and subscriptions)

– CardEasy helps GDPR compliance by avoiding capture and storage of the card data

Note on ‘pause and resume’ (‘stop/start’) for call recording: this partial solution can still leave agents exposed to card data, whilst the the contact centre remains in scope of PCI DSS regulations and exposed to the risk of fraud.



Secure, PCI DSS compliant payment solution for contact centres

Whether your customers choose to pay over the telephone or via a digital channel such as email, SMS or web chat, CardEasy provides a simple, secure and cost effective payment solution that will protect your customers and de-scope your contact center environment from PCI DSS.

Offering seamless integration with your existing telephony and IT infrastructure, CardEasy significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with managing card payment transactions in your contact centers, whilst improving your customer’s experience and trust. CardEasy removes the risk of payment card fraud within your contact center by preventing your contact center agents from hearing or seeing payment card data, automatically blocking it from your screen and call recording (without the need for a pause/resume function) and preventing it from entering your contact center systems and networks.

Our patented technology creates a secure payment environment for payments handled over the phone, self-service IVR, email, webchat, SMS, social media or even via video calls.

For additional information on CardEasy view their Company Profile

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