2014 Best Practice Guide for customer contact leaders

The Best Practice Guide, published by the Professional Planning Forum, is packed with outstanding case studies, new research, thought leadership to drive new standards of professionalism and technology updates. A year-round resource; it contains the jewels of the year’s best practice developments.

ppf.logoThe latest in a full range of Best Practice Guides, this is an outstanding book that is designed not only to inspire, but also to identify practical insight and provide toolkits and hot tips. Written in collaboration with their membership, their awards finalists and the wider industry, its purpose is to share ideas, generate challenge and support far-reaching change across the industry.

“Twin themes focus our best practice guide this year: bridging the gap and people build success. Alignment and engagement are fundamental in all nine communities of best practice and professionalism within the Planning Forum. I hope the industry makes full use of this guide to help face key challenges and raise the standards,” explains Paul Smedley, Chair, Founder and Editor of the guide.

Content includes 17 case studies from each of the Customer Contact Innovation Awards finalists demonstrating achievement in areas such as resourcing, unleashing the potential in people, technology, insights and analytics, quality, outsourcing and offshore.

Best practice updates and benchmark research are included in quality and customer experience, volatility and flexibility, enterprise-wide planning and customer journey. Another major section of the book contains thought leadership articles on engaging with colleagues to build success, using metrics and structure to achieve strategic goals and reviewing the evidence for the links between engagement, innovation and an organisation’s performance.

The 2014 Best Practice guide is available for download and to order printed copies from the Professional Planning Forum.

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