WFM Supports Engagement at OTTO Contact Centres

Workforce Management (WFM) technology from Teleopti supports employee engagement at online retailer OTTO Contact Centres

Teleopti have announced that Germany’s biggest online retailer for furniture and home furnishing products OTTO has successfully deployed the company’s Workforce Management (WFM) technology to support a national network of 15 ‘relation’ or contact centres offering round-the-clock customer service.

OTTO utilizes a broad range of Teleopti WFM modules to manage 2 million shifts for 1,600 agents. The implementation of Teleopti WFM replaced a mix of manual processes and ageing technology – and transferring the Group-wide´s core values of empowerment and fairness into the relation centres themselves.

Stefan Schäff, Division Manager at OTTO, commented,

“Our aim was to find one single solution that was modern and most importantly, could adapt to how our people wanted to work. After evaluating four products, we chose Teleopti because it had the best vision for engaging our staff.

The implementation itself was fast and successful, the product works as it was designed to and it has dramatically simplified and hastened our forecasting activities for millions of shifts.”

Today, OTTO uses the Teleopti WFM software to build schedules for 1,600 agents. It has consciously rolled out the system in a measured way, first considering the needs of different planning teams. The employees have embraced the flexibility and real-time capabilities of the Teleopti MyTime module to check their up-to-date schedules using their mobile devices and all agents welcome the opportunity to trade shifts to support their home and personal commitments.

Patrik Vesterberg, VP Nordics and Mainland Europe at Teleopti concluded,

“The world of e-commerce is fast-changing and highly competitive. At the same time, forward-thinking organizations like OTTO truly understand the link between empowered employees and satisfied customers.

Our technology is designed to bring together the best of both worlds. It’s also a highly valuable tool that engages employees at all levels and strategically supports important change management initiatives.”

Additional Information

Founded in 1949 as a mail order catalogue company, OTTO is today one of Europe’s most successful e-commerce companies and Germany’s biggest online retailer for furniture and home furnishing products. It also sells a range of fashion, white goods and technology products, offering customers the choice of 6,800 brands.

OTTO employs 4,500 employees and in 2017/2018 made revenues of 2.956 billion Euros, around 95 percent from Internet sales.

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Teleopti, a top, global provider of workforce management software, offers a world-class WFM solution that is sophisticated, localized and easy to use. As the largest “best-of-breed” vendor, Teleopti focuses on helping contact centres, back offices and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability – through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling with cutting-edge features to empower and engage employees.

Founded in 1992, Swedish-established Teleopti has customers in 90 countries, numerous offices around the world – from Beijing to Denver – and a comprehensive global network of partners. With a record of continuous net profitability for 25 years and with high customer satisfaction ratings, Teleopti serves as a reliable partner.

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