How to Identify, Support, and Retain Vulnerable Customers

Contact Centre Webinar: How to Identify, Support, and Retain Vulnerable Customers

With financial and health crisis looming worldwide, and almost 8 in 10 UK adults having carried debt into 2021, companies must be keenly aware and responsive to customers in vulnerable positions. People are not just suffering from financial issues but also medical and mental health problems, disability, challenging social circumstances and old age.

Join CallMiner’s Frank Sherlock and a panel of top executives from our financial services and energy & utilities customers, including Vanquis Bank and British Gas, as they overview these challenges and discuss and share best practice on:

– What constitutes customer vulnerability

– How to address the challenges of the digitally vulnerable

– Ways technology such as speech analytics can support identifying at-risk customers

– Means to provide contact centre employees guidance on vulnerability best practices



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CallMiner is a recognised leader in the speech analytics software industry, harvesting key customer and operational insights from multi- channel customer interactions. Uniting with our customers and partners, our platform drives contact centre efficiency, positive customer and employee experience and significant improvements in top and bottom-line corporate performance.

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