The Key Trends & Challenges of AI for Contact Centres

Puzzel Releases New Research Unveiling the Key Trends and Challenges of AI for Contact Centres

Comprehensive European survey outlines significant opportunity for European contact centre leaders to adopt AI and automation to enhance customer interactions and streamline operational processes in the year ahead

Puzzel have announced the release of its latest research “State of Contact Centres Part 2: AI and Automation,” revealing insights into the role of AI and automation in the modern contact centre landscape.

Contact centres leaders across Europe agree: AI is no longer just a technological trend but a standard component of the contact centre toolkit. The research draws from responses from 750 contact centre leaders, highlighting how AI can enhance operational efficiency, streamline online customer journeys, and empower customer service agents in their daily interactions.

Thomas Rødseth, Chief Technical Officer of Puzzel, commented,

“With higher demands and evolving customer expectations, contact centre leaders are turning to AI and self-service to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction,”

“Our research highlights the immense potential of AI and automation in shaping the future of customer service. By embracing a balance of technology and human expertise, contact centres can pioneer the future, where innovation and empathy seamlessly coexist.”

Key findings from the survey include:

» 2024 is the year to implement and improve chatbots: Only 26% of contact centre leaders rate their chatbot as above average, highlighting the need for improvements. Contact centres recognise this opportunity as 64% identify chatbots as a critical focus area in the year ahead.

» AI is here to enhance self-service: 72% of contact centre leaders plan to implement self-service tools in the near future, emphasising the strategic collaboration between AI and self-service.

» Generative AI to increase efficiency: 39% of contact centre leaders predict that generative AI will significantly influence the customer service industry within the next two years, empowering conversations and operational processes.

It’s time to harness the full power of chatbots

With self-service as a key focus for contact centres, AI-driven chatbots emerge as a valuable tool for ensuring swift service to customers. The research provides insights on how contact centres can elevate self-service through AI and explores the benefits of AI-powered chatbots and voice bots. It emphasises the importance of integrating these technologies into the contact centre solution and not treating them as standalone services.

Embracing AI as a robust partner, not a replacement

Puzzel’s survey indicates that 16% of contact centre leaders are concerned about AI reducing the human touch, with an equal percentage fearing potential job displacement. It’s important to view AI as a robust support system, not as a replacement. When leveraged strategically, AI can help customer service teams provide more personalised, timely, and efficient assistance.

Thomas Rødseth, Chief Technical Officer of Puzzel, concluded,

“AI and automation are no longer optional for contact centres. They are essential tools to enhance customer experience, optimise operations, and gain a competitive edge. However, implementing these technologies is not without challenges and requires careful planning and execution. Our research aims to help contact centre leaders understand the opportunities and pitfalls of AI and automation and provide them with practical guidance on how to make the most of these technologies.”



To learn more and download a copy of “State of Contact Centres 2024: Part 2 – AI and Automation,” please Click Here

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Survey Methodology: Puzzel commissioned OnePoll research among 750 contact centre decision makers across the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands in October 2023.

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