Injixo 2018 Contact Centre WFM Benchmark Survey

injixo need your help and insights to craft the ultimate 2018 WFM Benchmark Report to uncover what’s really going on in workforce management and the UK contact centre landscape.

With this survey tailored to contact centre professionals and experts in the UK, injixo would like to find out about common practices and performance benchmarks in contact centre planning as well as analyse the latest trends that shape the future of workforce management and customer service.

The survey is completely anonymous and takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

By completing the survey, you will receive a free copy of the WFM Benchmark Report as soon as it’s available.

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injixo is a product of InVision, a market leader in WFM for over 25 years.

InVision built on its knowledge and experience to launch injixo as one of the first cloud workforce management (WFM) solutions for contact centres on the market back in 2011, and gained the accolade of first to market with AI-based forecasting. Since then, the injixo user community has exploded and will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of WFM.

For additional information on Injixo view their Company Profile

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