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storacall Direct-Sales-Guide-2015-page-001To help demystify the subject, a twenty-page booklet entitled ‘Guide to Call Recording’ is available from Storacall.

The booklet is a detailed and comprehensive guide providing potential users with all the information they need to choose a telephone call recording system suitable for their requirements. The guide is designed to give as much general information as possible about Call Recording and to help potential users understand how call recording integrates into an existing telephony infrastructure and how it can benefit an organisation.

It is full of jargon busting information and includes an overview of recording technology, connection methods, recording applications and requirements, techniques of call recording together with pros and cons of extension versus trunk side recording.

In addition there is an explanation of features such as search criteria like CLI, extension, called line, time & date, call duration as well as customer specific information such as account, case or ticket number tagging. It also covers recording calls from an IP-PBX, CTI and SMDR support, storage and archiving, handset compatibility, call monitoring and remote access via the Internet.




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