Kura asks What Will Customer Experience in 2020 Look Like?

Delivering a fantastic customer experience is the holy grail of the contact centre in the 21st century.

As brands, products and services become increasingly homogenised, the competitive arena is ever more defined by differentiation through superior service.

kura.image.sep.2016At Kura, we recognise and understand that customer demands are becoming increasingly complex – both technically and emotionally. Great systems and technology and the policies and processes to go with them are important contributors to success – but a great customer experience requires great people to deliver it.

This is why our philosophy is to “help people be the best they can be” – because only the best people will deliver the kind of service experiences that our clients and their customers expect and demand.

With this in mind, Kura has teamed up with the CCA to conduct research into the future strategies of customer service. This study will take a deep dive into the skills and technology our people should adapt to service the future customer. While we await these results, however,we’ve created an infographic that sets our vision and predictions of what we believe customer service will look like in 2020.

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