Achieve your Business Outcomes with IPI Cloud AI

Achieve your business outcomes with IPI Cloud AI – cloud-based self-service apps

A lot of businesses know where they want their contact centre to be and what they want to achieve, but are unsure as to how to get there. IPI can help you reach your desired business outcomes with IPI Cloud AI.

Our cloud-based self-service applications give the customer a range of communication channel options, whilst protecting your agents, and ultimately your business.

–  Capture customers intent and route to the right channel (automation, digital, agent) based on this

–  Direct customers away from the contact centre to another digital channel, freeing up agents for more complex and demanding enquiries

–  Speed up the verification process so your agents can find a resolution faster

–  Alleviate frustration by allowing customers the choice to stop waiting on hold and be called back at a time that suits them

–  Speed up the verification process so your agents can deal with the request immediately

–  Provide your customer with immediate, 24/7/365 access to self-serve their requests without reducing CSAT

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For more information, please visit our dedicated webpage, or download a copy of one of our client case studies.



IPI is the UK’s leading digital contact centre specialist, focused on creating intelligent and innovative contact centre solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

IPI understands that technology is only part of the solution to addressing business challenges within the contact centre. Its experts know the intricacies of people, technology, processes and customer demands and understand the realities of running a contact centre, as well as the practicalities of making advanced software deliver to its full potential.

By looking at the challenges and business drivers in the contact centre, both today and in the future, IPI ensures its clients realise the full benefits of their contact centre technology by using it as an enabler to achieve measurable results and maximise investment value. Fully focused on business outcomes, IPI offers a comprehensive blend of contact centre operational experience, combined with deep technology expertise. This enables its experts to align the most appropriate technology for its clients’ needs, and ensure people are equipped in the short and long term to deliver exceptional experiences.

Founded in 2001, IPI supports more than five million customer interactions and 65,000 agents every day. Headquartered in Reading, UK, IPI also has offices in London and Manchester, as well as in the Philippines.

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