Improve Customer Service with Multi-Channel Contact Centre Technology

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service with Multi-Channel Contact Centre Technology – Chris Key CEO Hostcomm


Today’s customers come with high expectations. From the rise of smartphones and wearables to social media, they want new ways to interact – and they demand service on their terms, whenever and wherever they want it.

That means that, to truly deliver exceptional customer service, phone lines alone aren’t always enough. A multi-channel contact centre solution helps you open up new lines of communication with your customers, dramatically increasing convenience and customer satisfaction. What’s more, with the right sort of solution, you can drive new levels of customer service without making life harder for yourself or your agents.

Read on to find out about five different ways that multi-channel contact centre could transform the way you meet – and exceed – customer service expectations.

1. Give your customers more choice

The big draw of a multi-channel contact centre solution is opening up new methods of communication and bringing them all into the same workflow and interface. From VoIP to SMS, email, web chat and even social media, you can give your customers a range of channels to choose from so they can take control of how they get in touch.

What’s more, by consolidating each of these channels under the same interface, you can ensure that the standard of service you provide is the same across every single channel.

2. Respond to your customers in record time

With more communication channels to choose from, you can distribute your customers more evenly, smoothing out peaks and troughs. If your voice lines get particularly busy, an automated message could suggest that people use email or social media messages for less pressing issues.

This is in addition to queue callbacks within your dialler, which can prompt customers to request a callback when an agent is free as opposed to waiting on the line – an effective way to eliminate the frustrations that are commonly associated with queues.

3. Use automation to eliminate agent error

Outstanding service isn’t just about how fast your agents can act – it’s essential that every follow-up action, callback or administrative task takes place as promised. Unfortunately, human error will always lead to the occasional mistake or forgotten piece of information.

With your dialler, multi-channel contact centre solution and CRM system working together, you can automate a huge range of tasks to eliminate the potential for mistakes. Callbacks can be immediately scheduled and dialled automatically at the correct time, while call dispositions could trigger workflows like dispatching email confirmations or SMS updates.

4. Ensure that every agent has all the necessary information

When you’re managing a team of agents across different communication channels, it can be hard to be certain that every agent has access to all the information they need. As a result, customers may find themselves having to repeat the same details again and again.

When your solution is integrated with your CRM system, every interaction, customer record, and note can be stored in the same place regardless of communication channel – and then ‘popped’ to your agents’ interface when connecting a call or entering a web chat. It’s a vital part of improving customer service by delivering a consistent, joined-up experience that’s the same however your customers prefer to communicate.

5. Track every interaction to inform agent training and development

Finally, the right technology can help you to track and monitor how your agents are doing in every channel. As well as call recording which should be easily accessible to team leaders and managers, your solution can log web chats and social media interactions for your reporting.

Then, based on how each agent is doing, you can find opportunities for training, reward good performance to aid with motivation, and weight agent abilities so that calls and messages are routed to the people best-equipped to handle them.

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