The Starbucks Effect in Customer Service

The Starbucks Effect in Customer Service – Can the contact centre learn from the Coffee giant when it comes to Customer Service?

Prior to starting work at Towers I usually tend to end up at my local Starbucks either to prepare for the day ahead or sometimes to write copy without the normal and sometimes unwelcomed office distractions even whilst wearing my Jabra Evolve 80.

Every time that I go into my local Store I am greeted with a smile as though I am a long lost friend, I always have friendly banter with the Barista on far reaching topics such as last nights football to their new range of Columbian coffee and even without asking for my unique drinks order (six shot Venti Columbian Americano hot milk) it has been freshly made to the exact standards of Starbucks and, perhaps more importantly, to my exacting standards. – Personalised Service

The store is always spotlessly clean, has a relaxed and professional atmosphere conducive to planning my day ahead – the coffee is better than I could make in the office even with using their ground coffee so much so that you will never see me in any one of their competitors – Brand Loyalty

Without wishing to appear to be sponsored by Starbucks, in my onion, they have customer service standards of the highest order which we can all take note of and learn from; nothing is too much trouble – didn’t like your order? No problem we’ll make you another one. Exceptional Customer Service

The staff in my Local Starbucks, or indeed anywhere else, are extremely knowledgeable and are not afraid of passing their coffee based knowledge onto myself and my fellow caffeine addicts – Core Knowledge

I am sure that every person who reads this will work in or be involved in the most productive and customer focused contact centre in the country – whilst there are many other industries which can learn from an efficient and well managed contact centre as an industry we should not be afraid to learn from others or, in this particular case established brands, if nothing else the principle or scenario of ‘if it works elsewhere it can work for us’ should be used.

Food, or in this case, drink for thought perhaps?

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor
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