Zendesk Debuts Real-Time Analytics Solution

Zendesk Debuts Sophisticated Real-Time Analytics Solution – Zendesk Explore Enterprise
Advanced capabilities in Explore Enterprise will allow businesses to use customer service data to inform decisions across support, sales, product and more

Zendesk have announced the launch of Explore Enterprise, the newest solution within its service-first CRM platform, which enables companies to analyse real-time data in order to understand changing needs. As global ticket volume reaches record highs, leaders can use Explore Enterprise to share relevant insights instantly with other teams and departments, helping them make faster decisions to improve their entire customer experience.

Shawna Wolverton, EVP of Product, Zendesk, said,

“Customers are seeking more support from businesses than ever before, which is putting increased pressure on CX leaders and their teams,”

“With Explore Enterprise, Zendesk gives companies the ability to analyse data in order to have a clear view of customer trends they are seeing across our Support and Sales Suites. These comprehensive insights allow businesses to quickly address emerging challenges and opportunities not just in customer service, but throughout their entire business.”

Zendesk customers such as Mailchimp are already benefiting from using Explore’s reporting analytics to understand trends in over 30,000 tickets a month.

Spencer Caratti, Senior Director of Customer Support at Mailchimp, said,

“It’s about understanding our data as a whole, and being able to look at the big picture,”

“We’re able to take that cumulative voice of the customer and distill that down to figure out what needs to be prioritised and make meaningful fixes that happen.”

With real-time analytics and enhanced team collaboration features, Explore Enterprise enables leaders to manage and scale their business by:

– Monitoring data across customer support channels with pre-built and customisable live charts

– Acting on current trends by setting threshold alerts to see when teams are under a heavy load

– Improving productivity and reducing context switching with embeddable dashboards

– Boosting team collaboration with advanced report sharing and scheduling capabilities inside and outside the organisation

Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research, said,

“There is still a massive global shift towards digital transformation, and that has recently accelerated across every industry sector.

Businesses must respond to this new pace of change and the organisations that are already digitally driven will pivot faster,”

Explore Enterprise provides instant insight across Zendesk products including Support, Talk, Chat, Sell and Guide* to provide a comprehensive, unified view of the customer. This includes information on how customers are using social messaging for support and which channels they prefer for communication. These learnings enable leaders to refine how they serve customers over channels such as Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, WeChat, and LINE. Additionally, teams will be able to bring in data from external third-party systems through integrations with Zendesk’s open and flexible CRM platform, Sunshine , for a holistic picture of their business.**

With visibility into customer data across channels, Explore Enterprise gives leaders the ability to make improvements beyond the support team, such as informing decisions across sales, engineering, marketing and other departments. For example, when a CX leader sees a support team falling behind on ticket resolution, they can promptly test potential solutions and implement the option that makes the most impactful change for agents. Additionally, a CX leader can see an increase in the number of page views about processing refunds and can adjust existing knowledge base content to better help customers get the answer they are looking for faster.



Zendesk Explore Enterprise is available starting on August 31, 2020. More information can be found on the Zendesk website

*New Sell and additional Guide integrations are expected to be generally available Q4 2020.

**Sunshine integrations are expected to be generally available Q1 2021.

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