What’s happening in the Irish Contact Centre Industry?

website.traffic.image.2014The success of a website is determined by the editorial content, the number of visitors and the quality of subscribers.

Since our re-launch a few months ago I am confident that we ‘tick all of the boxes’ notably our website traffic which has far exceeded our initial expectations.

In terms of subscribers to www.contact-centres.com our figure of 12,500 has always remained constant which, should you use the figure of there being 5,750 UK contact centres and as we generally go to two named contact centre management per site, we can safely assume that we cover most if not all of the industry.

When we re-launched the website we updated our subscriber database and targeted all subscribers who had not updated their contact details for a period of six months; whilst updating the database it was clear that we had very few registered subscribers from either Northern Ireland or The Republic of Ireland. (It probably doesn’t help matters that our visitor statistics doesn’t ‘split’ our total UK traffic by ‘Mainland UK’, ‘Northern Ireland’ or indeed ‘The Republic of Ireland’)

So why is this?

Having had numerous conversations with Colleagues in the office and our website hosting company collectively we are scratching our heads.

The Irish contact centre industry is buoyant fuelled initially by favourable corporation tax incentives which attracted global players such as Dell, eBay and PayPal to name but a few.

In addition there is a general rule of thumb within the UK contact centre industry that what tends to happen in the USA tends to arrive here soon thereafter so in this context a large percentage of editorial on www.contact-centres.com would be applicable to the Irish contact centre industry.

The Solution

One thing which we can do easily is to switch our Google presence to be ‘Worldwide’ as opposed to the UK only; although our traffic would increase substantially as our USP is that we only publish about the UK contact centre industry, I am somewhat reluctant to do so and in any case I am sure that our valued sponsors wouldn’t be too happy getting enquiries from other counties.

As at time of writing we have started conversations with the CCMA in Ireland and Invest in Ireland in view to increasing the editorial content on the website from their respective membership/clients.

Suggestions and comments are most welcome – please email us direct editor@contact-centres.com

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor
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