Ultracomms Cloud Contact Centres

cloud.software.image.2015Taking the step into cloud services for your telephony infrastructure is a simple and supported process with Ultracomms. We provide a cloud based logic overlay for existing telephone systems, or a complete service that includes the telephony infrastructure.

Ultracomms’ cloud platform, UCMS, is compatible with any existing vendor’s on-site phone system, enabling you to sweat existing assets, whilst lifting the logic into the cloud where the Ultracomms team manage the call flow and processes associated with inbound, outbound and blended services.

The Ultracomms cloud platform operates from diverse locations, giving peace of mind and a level of uniformity unparalleled by on-site technology offerings.

With cloud level resilience and boundless capacity, our system enables effective overdialling for outbound campaigns or will queue inbound calls in order to seamlessly connect staff to prospects and customers. The feature rich platform is licensed for either general inbound, outbound and blended usage, or predictive outbound usage where users can gain access to Ultracomms’ patent pending AMD+ feature.

UCMS is fully customisable, making it possible to tailor a solution to meet individual client’s needs, or the specific requirements of any given campaign. Working with Ultracomms’ campaign support team, configuration can be carried out by the customers’ in-house experts, or collaboratively with our support team.

Outbound Dialler

In today’s market, you’re likely to be under pressure to optimise the efficiency of your contact centre. To meet these challenges, Ultracomms provides a flexible and scalable cloud based dialler solution that is completely location independent.


Ultracomms’ AMD+ is a patent-pending answer machine detection solution that delivers significant uplift in contact centre agent productivity, enhances outbound campaign management, and improves contact centre staff morale.

Available to all UCMS predictive dialler customers, AMD+ is the first quantifiable AMD solution that can be used to transparently and safely filter outbound calls reducing the number connected to answer machines by nearly 30%. The technology is proven to have an accuracy rate of 99.99% (based on 1 million calls analysed in January 2015).

Inbound ACD

With Ultracomms’ cloud contact centre solutions you can choose from a range of inbound services that can be deployed on demand, on a pay as you use basis. Supporting live advisor and automated customer interactions, you can choose an implementation that’s perfectly suited to your business.


Working in conjunction with the inbound call handling service, Ultracomms’ configurable IVR application enables clients to create multi-tiered automated menus which can direct inbound callers to specific advisors, groups of advisors, designated sub-call flows, pre-recorded information messages, or to specific automated customer surveys.

Voice recording

The recording of voice calls within regulated industries is common practice to ensure compliance. Call recording from Ultracomms is an integral part of the Ultra Call Management System (UCMS). Hosted securely in the cloud, UCMS enables you to securely playback any of your contact centre calls anytime, anywhere; regardless of call type, or advisor location.


Call scripting is an essential element of an outbound campaign. With often just one opportunity to get important information across to a call receiver, the content of your call script, and ability to adapt quickly to differing campaign requirements are crucial in ensuring successful call outcomes.

Call blending

Organisations often look to share workload between diverse departments and run into limitations around the geographical location of staff, capacity into sites, or simply the technology platform’s ability to manage the pacing and connection of inbound and outbound calls. This can lead to call abandonment and poor customer experience, resulting in many organisations avoiding this potentially beneficial way of working.

Inbound Telephone Numbers and CLI Display

To integrate a cloud infrastructure into your existing operations, Ultracomms is able to supply and manage inbound geographic and non-geographic numbers so that both the call routing logic and outbound number displays are aligned across disperse users, departments and operational sites.

Controlling number routing and CLI display, Ultracomms is able to provide enhanced levels of resilience that are challenging and expensive to replicate in an on-site environment.

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