Transfer CSAT Metrics to your Contact Centre Agents in Real-Time

How to Transfer CSAT Metrics to your Contact Centre Agents in Real-Time
What the world’s most expensive adverts can teach you about agent disengagement.


– spent $2.4 million advertising their web hosting business back in 2004. Chump Change compared to Ferrari and Honda (my favourite) who dramatically upped the game with $4.5Million and $5.5Million respectively. If that wasn’t high enough then Guinness forked out a staggering $16 million to get you to taste the black stuff, and that was 10 years ago!

Why does it matter to you?… to the job you do in your Contact Centre? Agent Engagement.

The money was spent to get attention, to keep it, to drive a message and to make sure that the message sticks.

Hold on, isn’t that what your wallboards are designed to do (but with less budget)?
Aren’t they designed to deliver Key Metrics to your staff so they know all about the business, what’s happening, what to expect and what to do?

So why aren’t they doing it?

Well, if you already have TV screens, or wallboards in your Contact Centre, when did you last look at each metric and ask “How does this help my agents?” or “Does this metric cause unnecessary stress?”

Not so long ago, the best you could hope for from an expensive wallboard was hard to read charts, figures and scrolling metrics in one colour.

These days, the cost of effective, useable wallboard software has come down to the point where it can be deployed across all your teams with team or even product specific information for very little.

What you display on your TV screens and the way they look and move is what makes the difference. Like Ferrari, Honda and Guinness, it’s about getting and holding attention. It’s about impact and engagement.

Content needs to be constantly changing or consist of live feeds. Metrics should help agents connect with their customers. Messaging and design should be consistent and reinforce your brand. What you stand for should be front and centre.

“How to transfer CSAT metrics to your agents in real time”

If you have wallboards today, I challenge you to take a look at the metrics you display and ask if these metrics support your agents or if you are simply shouting “We are busy guys” over and over again. Because if that’s all it does, no-one is really taking any notice. Don’t stop at Call Handling Metrics, agents know they need to answer the phone but only need a few metrics to keep them abreast of call volumes.

Anything you put in front of your agents will have an impact on their behaviour, their mood and the way they respond to your customers needs.

By choosing modern, flexible wallboard software you will have the ability to remind agents of what made them so motivated in training and why they chose your company instead of the company around the corner.

By taking many small actions such as reviewing your wallboards, your business will benefit from increased employee satisfaction, a reduction in staff absence and attrition plus more positive customer interactions.

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