Staples Direct announce closure of Doncaster Contact Centre

Stationary and office supplier Staples Direct have announced that it is to close their Doncaster based contact centre with the loss of 90 jobs. Direct, whose Doncaster contact centre handle customer service, administration and their online retail business, will consolidate with the Company’s Birmingham based contact towards the end of the year.

The company has confirmed that will enter into a consultation period with all of the affected staff and will endeavour, where possible, to relocate staff and positions to the Birmingham contact centre.

A Staples Direct Spokesperson commented, “After engaging in productive consultation with our associates, we are consolidating the contact centre in Doncaster into a new contact centre in Birmingham by the end of the year.

They continued: “In addition to transferring some of the roles currently located in Doncaster, we will also be adding new positions to the Birmingham office.

“We will work with impacted associates to find alternative employment wherever possible and thank our teams for all their hard work.”

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