Shifting Sands of Customer Contact in a Post-Pandemic World

The shifting sands of customer contact in a post-pandemic world – In response to the shift in people’s working habits during the Covid-19 pandemic, IT director Adam Robinson from leading Sheffield based contact centre CC33 comments on how this has pushed their technology advancements forward.

Led by Adam Robinson, CC33 has ensured a smooth transition from face to face communication to virtual platforms for clients and their customers. This has been implemented by CC33’s team of tech experts and their ability to simplify technology through programming.

Adam said: “We used to nip round for a cup of tea or go for a nice walk with our family and friends, but that was all pushed to a virtual world for most of us during lockdown. Whilst we’re happy we can see our friends and family again in person, a lot of what changed has now become part of our everyday interactions. We’ve found that our customers are now much happier using video technology, webchat and chatbots to communicate.

“Since our customers’ contact preferences have changed, it’s an exciting time to be in the contact centre industry. The response to the pandemic accelerated how our team works and how our clients’ customers get in touch with us by a good few years.

CC33’s technological advancements have led the tech team to focus on a more multi-channel approach to their client offering.

The team now build a range of communication through alternative platforms, including WhatsApp and video conferencing. CC33’s team members now seamlessly swap between calls, email channels and answer webchat queries.

CC33 has also introduced ‘speech analytics’. Adam said: “Speech analytics offers our clients a huge insight into how and why their customers interact with their brand, which ultimately reduces costs and improves service”.

The tech team prides itself in having a technology platform that is easy to use for the CC33 team and their clients,

Adam added: “We confidently offer our clients an ‘open door’ into our (or their) world, which means they can listen in to any calls or chats for their customers, at any time, from anywhere. This unprecedented access to all of our communication platforms for our clients really separates us from our competition. And really does cement the quality of our service

Adam said: ” We make technology simple by design to maximise our service and performance for clients.

“The growth of social media and its integration of chatbots and WhatsApp is opening new opportunities for our industry to make an impact for sure. It’s an exciting time! As data security and transparency are always advancing, our team needs to continue to be at the cutting edge.”

In business since 2012, CC33 provides bespoke outsourcing services for more than 30 blue-chip clients and specialises across the utility, energy, retail, insurance, automotive and digital sectors.



CC33 was founded by Paul Fletcher. Paul has more than 20 years’ experience in the call centre industry – from eventually working his way up through the ranks to setting up centres in South Africa.

In 2013, Paul decided that the time was right to establish a more boutique and tech-enabled contact centre in Sheffield – and CC33 became a reality. In the years since CC33 was established, we have continued to grow and flourish, and we now employ more than 550 people, in and around the Sheffield area.

We tailor our services in a way that is both beneficial to our staff and bespoke to our clients. We have a smaller team of agents assigned to each Team Leader, so this specific 1-1 attention helps the agent’s development and performance, and also helps to ensure that costs are significantly lowered for our clients.

We believe quality standards should be a core expectation, operational excellence should be a daily norm and outstanding customer acquisition should be routine. We also believe a huge part of our success has been due to meeting the highest industry expectations.

For additional information on CC33 visit their Website

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