Orchard Energy Leeds Based Contact Centre Goes Live

Orchard Energy, the energy management company, has announced that their Elland based contact centre has ‘gone live, Monday 13th June 2016.


Orchard Energy was acquired last year by Lakehouse, an asset and energy support services group, and since then the company we have been undergoing a lot of changes as the business goes from strength to strength.

orchard.energy.image.june.2016Orchard Energy’s new sister company, Providor, recently won a five-year contract with one of the big six energy companies to provide smart meter services with Orchard delivering the UK-wide smart meter telesales services from the new call centre based at Orchard House in Elland.

The call centre, which initially will employ 30 staff with forecasts to employ 60 staff within 5 years, will be open six days a week and will support a government legislation which will see all homes installed with smart meters by 2020 with a remit of contacting customers to arrange for an engineer to come and install smart meters in their homes.

As part of our commitment to staff development, Nigel Sutcliffe and Laura Robinson have been promoted to team leaders of the new call centre. Both Nigel and Laura have been at Orchard for a number of years, Nigel having spent the last two years in Bureau Services and Laura as senior key account manager.

Helen Ekuase has also been appointed as the contact centre manager. Helen recently joined Orchard Energy to help establish the new centre and has lots of experience working in telesales, customer service and contact centre manager roles.

Managing director, Gareth Henderson, said:

“This is a big move for Orchard Energy, as we take a step into the domestic market, which has always been part of our long-term expansion plans. We have a strong track record in telesales, and to be able to establish the new call centre at our head office will enable us to showcase our telesales expertise, as well as cross-sell our other products to a wider audience.

“It’s an exciting project and we are proud to be able to create more jobs for the local community, as well as contribute to the government’s roll out of smart meters across the domestic market, which will ultimately help homes across the UK save money on their energy.

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Photograph Caption: (L to R) Nigel Sutcliffe (Team Leader), Helen Ekuase (Manager), Laura Robinson (Team Leader) and Colette Costello (Operations Director)

For additional information on Orchard Energy visit their Website

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