Omni-Channel Service Could Make Fast Food Even Faster

Omni-Channel Service Could Make Fast Food Even Faster-Fast food is something that many of us enjoy; being able to receive whatever food you crave quickly, and with minimal effort, makes it a popular choice for households worldwide – Mark King, Senior Vice President Aspect Europe & Africa

The recent news that Domino’s will be embracing a new omni-channel system brings to light an interesting discussion on how the fast food market can make the most out of an omni-channel approach. food is a huge industry and one that operates in almost every corner of the UK. According to, Britain spends a huge £29.4 billion per year on fast food, with the average Brit spending £109 per month so they can tuck in to their favourite dishes.

To maintain the industry’s success, customer satisfaction comes first and foremost. Customer satisfaction with both the product and the service is essential; but arguably it is easier to get the latter right because all customers want is the food that they ordered as quickly as possible. Deploying an omni-channel system will no doubt help to deliver this expected experience for a business like Domino’s.

Deploying an omni-channel strategy boosts customer loyalty in its ability to offer a personalised customer experience. To paraphrase the fast food giant Burger King – “have it your way.” True omni-channel in this business means being able to make an order via any channel the customer wants to use, any place; any time and seamlessly transition to another channel while maintaining the context of the conversation. Imagine if you were able to just tweet your order and then receive a text letting you know when to expect your large Mighty Meaty pizza and chicken wings.

Omni-channel is the future of customer service and speed is key in driving it to be more and more important to consumers. Fast food is supposed to be the quick solution to hunger and now that these new channels are available, customers will be expecting more from their fast food providers, and the market should fully take advantage of this.

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