Liquid Voice Helps Organisations Comply with GDPR

Liquid Voice, one of the leading providers of interaction recording, quality management and analytics, has announced the immediate availability of an innovative new solution that will help organisations to comply with GDPR which comes into effect in May 2018.

It fully integrates into the Liquid Voice platform or can be specified as a stand-alone application for use with any of the market’s other leading interaction recording brands, providing greater access and control over personal customer data that is captured, processed or stored.

liquid.voice.chris.berry.image.may.2017According to Chris Berry, Managing Director of Liquid Voice (UK):

“GDPR will have a significant impact on organisations of every size that store personal customer data and failure to comply with this new regulatory requirement could result in fines of up to €20 million.

Liquid Voice is one of the first companies to offer a cost effective solution that delivers unrivalled access to customer data wherever it is stored. It can be cost-effectively deployed on a monthly subscription basis, which eliminates the need for high upfront capital expenditure.”

The Liquid Voice system enables organisations to quickly accommodate customer requests to identify, access and, if required, delete personal data. This ‘right to be forgotten’ is a central part of GDPR and can be achieved using the company’s recently launched Automated Speech Transcription which enables recordings to be searched for any word or phrase in seconds. Search results, which can include inbound/outbound calls, emails, SMS, instant messaging, social media and letters sent to customers, are displayed as text summaries ranked by relevance. Recordings are automatically transcribed into text making the review process substantially faster than traditional manual scanning processes.

Liquid Voice also provides a solution for organisations using legacy recording platforms that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Historical recordings from these old systems can be quickly and easily migrated to a current platform without any data loss.

Additional Information

liquid-voice-logo.may.2017Liquid Voice is one of the UK’s leading providers of call recording, quality management and interaction analytics solutions with customers in a broad range of markets including utilities, financial services, legal, outsourced contact centres and the public sector. The company develops sophisticated, easy to use solutions that support faster, smarter and more streamlined enterprise performance using the latest integrated CTI and IVR technologies that generate positive business outcomes and transform contact centre effectiveness. For more information,

For additional information visit the Liquid Voice Website or emailing Chris Berry

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