Improving Customer Services Accessibility in Contact Centres

Improving customer services accessibility in Contact Centres –  Book your CX accessibility audit today with Customer Touch Point

Why is accessibility so important for contact centres? How does your business perform? And what practical steps can you take to improve?

The case for accessibility in customer services is clear, for 3 main reasons:

» The Moral Case – Almost 1 in 5 of the UK population suffers from some form of registered disability. Accommodating their needs is simply the right thing to do.

» The Business Case – UK companies are losing out on an estimated £17.1bn per year by not accommodating customers with accessibility needs.

» The Legal Case – It is every company’s legal obligation to make “reasonable adjustments” for disabled customers under the 2010 Equality Act.

How do you perform & how can you improve?

Customer Touch Point has designed a CX Accessibility Audit to score businesses like yours against 3 core areas:

» Company CX strategy

» Available technology

» Agent training, awareness and signposting

After completing the audit you’ll receive a dashboard of your results and a clear set of recommended next steps. All recommendations are aligned to our Instant Impact™ methodology, ensuring improvements are practical and achievable, and benefit both your business and your customers.



To find out more about Accessibility in Customer Services and book your CX Accessibility Audit Click Here

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Our solutions include customer feedback software, customer journey mapping, telephony & IVR and multi-channel technology tools such as live chat, social media monitoring, visual IVR, speech analytics and dynamic FAQs.

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