Webinar: 5 Contact Centre Best Practices You can implement today

intelecon.figleaves.webinar.april.2016Webinar: Figleaves and Intelecom present 5 contact centre management best practices that you can implement today

Customer service excellence – it’s the new buzz word that everyone’s talking about. Whether it’s delivered through traditional channels such as voice and email, or new emerging channels such as Video and WhatsApp. With so many technology and channel choices available, it’s easy to lose sight of the things you can do within your contact centre today that can have a big impact.

Join Intelecom and Figleaves for this webinar where they will discuss the 5 top best practices that you can implement today to improve your customer service operation. This webinar is presented by a leading online retailer who will offer their insights on how they are delivering a great customer service and achieving their goals. The lessons can be applied to any type of organisation – after all, building a truly customer centric organisation is something we all work towards.

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