Dogs Trust Reasons given by Owners to give up their Dogs

Dogs Trust contact centre agents can’t believe the ‘Bona Fido’ reasons for owners giving up their dogs

He’s scared of tin foil’, ‘He kept sitting in front of the TV when the football was on’ and ‘He’s broken into the fridge and eaten the banoffee pie’ are just some of the ludicrous excuses offered up by dog owners in the last year when calling the Dogs Trust Contact Centre to give up their dogs to the charity.

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has teamed up with some of the nation’s most famous faces to launch their iconic campaign, ‘A Dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas’. The line-up of celebrity dog lovers includes Sky News’s Eamonn Holmes, Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington, Great British Bake Off’s Mel Giedroyc and comedian Jon Richardson whose shocked reactions were captured as they read out the farcical and sometimes bizarre excuses given by members of the public who no longer want their dogs.

Whilst the excuses are laughable and delivered with a comedic panache, the serious undertone cannot be ignored as the stars paused to reflect on the inexcusable and throwaway attitude some people have towards dog ownership. The charity’s team have recorded the most preposterous excuses heard over the last twelve months, including:

– He’s too perfect

– The fence was hit by lightning so we took it as a sign that we shouldn’t have a dog

– He chewed my model helicopter

– He kept chewing the grandchildren’s nappies

– All he does is sleep

– He doesn’t bark

– He keeps pulling washing off the washing line

– He looked different after we walked him in the rain

– He won’t fit in my handbag or wear the clothes I bought him

– He kept distracting the children from revising for their GCSEs

– He kept pulling the noses off the children’s toys

– He doesn’t pay any attention to the baby

– He kept eating our apples and pooped on the very expensive rug

Manager of the Contact Centre which is based at Dogs Trust Manchester, Neil Carrick, explains: “Sadly, there are many understandable reasons why people have to give up their dogs and we appreciate that circumstances can change beyond their control. However we cannot fathom that dogs should lose their security, comfort and home for such reasons as they ‘ate the banoffee pie’ or ‘sat in front of the TV when the football was on’.“After nearly 40 years of highlighting our iconic slogan, “A Dog is For Life Not Just For Christmas”, we hope that with the help of this star studded cast, we can help even more people understand that dogs should be treated as valued family members, not fashion accessories, trends or commodities that can be cast off when their appeal wears thin.”

British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre said: “Being involved in this Dogs Trust Christmas campaign has really opened my eyes. I can’t believe how ridiculous some of the reasons that people give up their dogs can be! Hopefully this video will raise awareness of responsible dog ownership, and spread the important message that a ‘Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas’.”

TV personality and Dogs Trust Patron Eamonn Holmes says: “I had no idea how powerful the slogan ‘A Dog is for Life’ was until I went out there and brought our Dogs Trust rescue dog Maggie into my life. Now she is for life, but she also changed my life in so many ways. “

Television presenter Mel Giedroyc said: “As a dog lover, to hear some of the downright bonkers reasons why people give up their dogs shocks and saddens me. Hopefully this video will highlight how important responsible dog ownership is.” Information

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