AI-Driven Contact Centres in the New Era of Remote Working

In 2021, contact centres will need to pivot from “work harder” to “work smarter” to keep up with rapidly evolving customer behaviors and sky-high expectations. Luckily, AI technologies are here to help! See how with this ebook by Martin Hill Wilson, Brainfood Consulting.

Download this ebook to learn:

» How changes in customer preferences and the rise of new hybrid workforces are fundamentally changing contact centres

»  How AI can can be used to alleviate these changes, ensuring customer expectations are met (at lower costs), while ensuring the agent experience does not suffer

»  The requisite service design principles and new operating models that should be used to guide AI implementation within a contact centre

»  The core capabilities that AI-driven conversational self-service can support, and the business outcomes and benefits that result.



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