Contact Centre Training Tips

Customer expectations are constantly on the rise. In a contact centre, it is the job of call centre agents to solve consumer problems quickly, whilst offering a personal your call centre agents

call.centre.agant.448.224.image.2015According to research by Talk Desk, customers want 3 things when dealing with contact centre agents:

– Their problems solved quickly

– A personal interaction

– Opportunity to speak to a skilled agent

With customer expectations rising, it is vital that your organisation has sufficient training in place to meet the needs of your customers. Here are our 6 tips to enhancing your call centre training:

Introduce new employees to the business and the team

It can take time for a new employee to get to know the business well and its workforce. An introduction session, where agents meet key members of the team, understand what they do and learn more about the organisation’s culture and core values, can help a new agent understand what is expected of them and interact with customers that is consistent with your business values.

Use top agents within your training

During training, ask your top agents to get involved by offering practical tips and advice. This demonstrates to new employees what standards need to be reached and how they can do their job effectively.

Teach agents the best call handling exercises

It is important that new agents are given examples of how to greet customers correctly, the best way to transfer them to the right people and how to end a conversation – this ensures customers are always offered a consistent service. Providing scripts and recordings can also help enhance this.

Make training practical and hands on

People learn differently – this could be by listening, watching or by doing. Many agents learn best by doing, so practical sessions such as engaging in role-play scenarios and hands-on training with your call centre software can help enhance the capability of your workforce.

Provide examples of different call handling scenarios

Hearing examples of previous calls can help demonstrate different customer interactions and what is the best way to deal with them e.g. angry customers. By letting new employees hear how experienced agents interact with callers, it will provide them with a better understanding of what they need to do.

Keep training on going

Training shouldn’t just happen one time at the beginning of employment. Regular refresher courses, along with performance reviews, can help ensure standards remain high amongst your agents and enhance their own personal development. additional information see the mplsystems Website

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