Webinar: Taking your Contact Centre to the Cloud

Taking your Contact Centre to the Cloud – Does Your Team Have the Right Stuff?

icontact.average-handle-time-aht.jan.2017Register for August 23-24 global webinar with Genesys, EMS and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for real world stories on adapting IT workforces to the cloud

Genesys® the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and centre contact centre solutions, is hosting two, free, 60-minute global webinars on August 23-24 to detail how to prepare your workforce for a cloud migration. A panel of business leaders from EMS and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology will discuss how IT roles will evolve in a cloud environment, and reveal the rewards your business can experience by embracing the change.

What:  Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud: Does Your Team Have the Right Stuff?

Moving your contact centre to the cloud can offer many advantages, such as allowing you to offload management of your technical systems to a vendor, but ultimate success still lives within your organisation. With the right preparation, the move doesn’t need to be painful, even though your team’s mix of skills and roles will change.

Discover how an all-in-one cloud customer engagement platform will help you replace multiple systems, improve employee productivity, and streamline operations. Jobs will stay, while roles adapt. Learn from a panel of experts who have successfully migrated their businesses about the ideal organisation plan for cloud migration, and the skills and roles required to deploy a cloud model for your customer care.

Who:   Participants in the webinar include:

– Paul Staehlin, director of operations, EMS, Inc.

– Lindsay Hull, associate director for operations and education, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

– Alex Boothroyd, vice president, cloud customer care, Genesys

– Richard Hodges, senior director, global customer success operations, Genesys, (moderator)

Why:   Join this webinar to learn:

– When is the right time to move to the cloud.

– How to prepare your team for new skills and roles in a cloud contact centre infrastructure.

– What elements the cloud vendor will manage, and the resources you’ll need to be successful.

When: Thursday, August 24 — 60 minutes

Europe: 3 p.m. BST / 4 p.m. CEST

How:   Register now to attend this live webinar and/or receive a post-event recording.

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