Top 3 Challenges Facing Contact Centres

As the world emerges from the pandemic and faces the realities of today’s macroeconomic environment, delivering high quality customer experience has never been more important for companies.

To uncover how organisations are addressing CX challenges, including perceptions on how AI will impact their efforts, CallMiner surveyed 700 contact centre and customer experience leaders across the U.K., U.S. and Republic of Ireland, South Africa, France, and Germany.

The results are eye-opening, including:

» Top 3 contact centre challenges: understanding customer vulnerability (39%), combating customer service rep disengagement/lack of productivity (37%), and increased customer impatience (32%).

» 45% strongly agree that they want their organisation to do more with fewer resources

» Nearly half believe AI is key to optimising CX

Download the report today to learn about the challenges faced by other contact centre and CX leaders, how they are addressing them, and how they envision a future where AI will play an ever-expanding role.



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