Talkdesk Webinar: Supercharge your Digital Strategies

Supercharge your digital strategies in your contact centre and save on interaction costs and improve CX

Talkdesk Webinar – Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. GMT

Millennials comprise the majority of the workforce, with GenZers right on their heels—both digitally native, both prefer digital communications for work as well as their personal lives. This generational shift calls for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation plans and navigate customers away from calling and towards digital channels.

But it’s not enough to simply support conversations on any digital channel. The real challenge becomes moving between channels mid-conversation and preserving context throughout.

So where should you begin? AI-powered self-service channels and a complete omnichannel strategy will allow you to save on interaction costs while providing a high quality, consistent digital experience by engaging with customers on their terms.

Ready to supercharge your digital strategies and deliver a great brand experience? Join this masterclass where we’ll discuss how to:

 – Engage with customers on their channel of choice.

– Reduce cost of interactions.

– Maximise agent productivity.

– Gain complete visibility into every customer interaction.

Following our discussion, we’ll bring these ideas to life and show you a walkthrough of a digital journey from the perspectives of both the customer and agent.



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