Murder Investigations Help Improve Contact Centres!

How Learning From Murder Investigations and Police Major Incident Command Can Help Improve Contact Centres and Customer Experience

Sagaciti launch Self Assessment Tool™- helping you improve ‘Process, Procedure & Policy’ in your Contact Centre


sherlock.image.feb.2017What possible learning can contact centre managers obtain from the fictional detective characters Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Inspector Morse? In truth…probably nothing.

However the learning and experiences gained from the real life detective and the role of police major incident commander is being put to good use by Sagaciti Consulting Ltd to help improve contact centres and customer services.

Sagaciti Consulting, pronounced ‘suh-gass-i-tee’ (meaning foresight and discernment), was formed by Andy Williams (former Head of Murder Investigation) and Dave Hayler (former Assistant Chief Constable).

Together they have successfully helped re-design a contact centre serving 500,000 customers, reviewed customer and membership services for the Co-op Retail Group, and helped provide consultancy support to a high-risk multi-agency partnership in Dublin.

They realised significant improvements could be made by combining the learning, experiences and skills they had gained in both the public and private sectors. Quickly recognising this was something worth ‘bottling’, they put considerable effort into developing the Sagaciti Toolkit™.

Evolution of the Sagaciti Toolkit™

Having experienced first-hand the pressures of working to deliver excellent outcomes when faced with challenges of workload, resources, customer expectations and the Board’s need for efficiency and effectiveness, Sagaciti used their“good judgement, practically applied”todevelop their new and innovative Sagaciti Toolkit™. The toolkit can be flexibly deployed across whole organisations or specific sectors. It’s founded on Sagaciti’s own solid assessment framework,developed from industry good practice, and their own knowledge, skills and experience,and identifies what works and what doesn’t. It provides sound evidence to make recommendations that work for clients, help them improve, and deliver the outcomes they want.

The approach helps remove concerns, provides support during all phases of change and above all, provides evidence-based reassurance that the direction of travel is in line with the organisations’ desired outcomes. Ultimately, Sagacitidesigned a Toolkit that completely transforms the pressures and stresses often experienced by contact centre managers, into a supportive process that can also provide Executive Board members with a genuine feeling of confidence and reassurance.

What Exactly is the Toolkit?

The toolkit can be used for a light touch or deep dive review. At its strongest focus, the toolkit provides a structure to identify and collect sound empirical evidence of how well a team, department, business or organisation is performing against 5 Key Principles:-

1. Customer/Service Userfocus(Purpose & Customer Experience)
2. Delivering Excellent Service (Performance, Process, Procedure & Policy, Workflow Mapping, Systems, Structure & Infrastructure, Estate and Assets)
3. People, Culture & Leadership (People, Culture & Values, Leadership)
4. Value (Finance)
5. Metrics (Data)

Supporting these5 Principles are a detailed set of evidenced-based questions, designed to provide a comprehensive ‘End-2-End’ organisational review and, most importantly, what to do about it!

Launch of the Free Sagaciti Self-Assessment Tool™

Sagaciti conducted research to identify where they could add real value with a free self-assessment tool for the benefit of the contact centre industry. Consistently they were told process, procedure and policy is often considered a weak point and people would appreciate help in making significant improvements. While it seemed people didn’t relish this aspect of the business, they all recognised how important it was to achieve excellence.

As a result Sagaciti developed their free to use Self-Assessment Tool™ and were pleased to launch it exclusively with The Microsoft Excel based Self-Assessment Tool™ should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed by subscribing to Sagaciti Updates Here

On completion of the Self-Assessment Tool™ users:
• Will obtain an accurate assessment of the current status for ‘Process, Procedure and Policy’ for their contact centre, organisation, team or department;
• Will receive an ‘evidence-based’ score in the form of a ‘Red/Amber/Green’ assessment;
• Will receive a description of the current status and some potential areas for improvement;
• Will receive the offer of support from the team at Sagaciti who are happy to be contacted to discuss the results or answer questions.

sagaciti.logo.aug.2016Additional Information

To download the Sagaciti free-to-use Self-Assessment Tool™ Click Here

For further details on the Toolkit, Sagaciti’s services visit their Website or email

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