Maintel Callmedia CX Now – Cloud-Based Contact Centre

Maintel launches Callmedia CX Now- ushering in the cloud-based contact centre of the future
Callmedia CX Now helps businesses take on-premise customer experience solutions to the cloud

Maintel has launched Callmedia CX Now a cloud-based solution which ensures the right interaction occurs with the right contact centre agent at the right time, every time. The software allows businesses to deliver efficient omnichannel customer service and improve customer experience. It also gives businesses the tools to enable their contact centre agents to work productively anywhere – whether that’s at home or in the office.

Customers are increasingly demanding the ability to contact a company on the channel of their choice – whether that be phone, webchat, SMS or email. Callmedia CX Now has been designed with this in mind, the solution ensures that conversations can be handled on a variety of channels and can also be moved seamlessly from one channel to another, whether that’s the phone, email or a chatbot, depending on customer needs. Businesses will be able to put a customer through to a physical agent after an initial conversation with a chatbot, for example.

The cloud-based software integrates seamlessly into existing back-office processes and systems, and significantly improves contact centre productivity and cost to serve. Agents are armed with all the information they need to quickly and effectively handle enquiries, while managers are provided with all the metrics needed to optimise the contact centre.

Callmedia CX Now enables businesses to:

–  Enable staff to work anywhere: Callmedia CX Now allows agents to be based anywhere – fully supporting remote working, working in the contact centre or in a blend of both. The web-browser based agent desktop connects securely over the internet without requiring any complex setup. Voice calls can be delivered over the internet directly via the browser, over the standard telephone network to any landline or mobile, or to an existing PBX. Calls can also be connected directly through Microsoft Teams.

–  Intelligently route customer queries: Callmedia CX Now’s intelligent routing systems ensures that customers are routed to the right agent at the right time. For example, if a customer has called earlier in the day it can ensure they are routed back to the same agent.

–  Simplify agents’ work: Agents are provided with a simple, easy-to-use desktop that handles every interaction including calls, SMS, email and webchat. It enables businesses to capture customer information and conversation history, so that agents are armed with the information they need to quickly and easily respond to a query. By automatically identifying and cross-referencing customers, the system ensures that a complete picture of past interactions is clearly presented to the agent when a customer gets in touch.

–  Maximise agent performance: The system intelligently issues agents their workload, which can identify when agents are in need of more work or when some of their workload should be shifted to a colleague. It includes the ability to switch agents from inbound to proactive customer contact in quiet periods. This ensures that productivity does not drop, even when agents are working remotely.

–  Gain insight into agent performance: The system gathers comprehensive agent performance metrics. This enables contact centre managers to easily identify areas of improvement and optimise the workplace.

–  Schedule call backs: The system is able to schedule call-backs to customers when waiting times are high, maximising agent productivity and minimising inconvenience to the customer.

–  Reduce time to value: Callmedia CX Now readily integrates with existing systems to ensure that businesses can quickly benefit from increased productivity.

The flexible billing model and competitive pricing make Callmedia CX Now an extremely cost-effective omnichannel contact centre solution. It leverages Maintel’s three decades of contact centre experience, is made for the cloud and is feature rich, enabling businesses to maximise the customer experience.

Dan Davies, CTO of Maintel commented,

“If you are currently only able to handle voice calls and emails, it’s time to make a change. Your customers are expecting to contact you when they want to and by multiple digital channels including webchat, SMS and social media.

“Callmedia CX Now will not only enable you to offer omnichannel contact, but your customers can switch between channels and they can contact you at any time. Using cloud-based technology is more than just a trend, it will ensure that you can have the right capacity today and can scale seamlessly in the future. Technology change can be daunting, so selecting a system that will readily integrate with your existing environment and a partner that will work with you to effectively execute change is essential.”



To Download the Callmedia CX Brochure Click Here

Maintel is a cloud and managed services company with a focus on communications. Its people are experienced, trusted technology advisors, who improve their clients’ organisations through digital transformation.

Founded in 1991, Maintel has a proven track record of delivering communications solutions and services to both the private and public sector. In that time, the company has gained the expertise to solve the challenges associated with digital initiatives, and its managed services approach ensures clients realise the full value of their technology.
This is achieved by specialising in three key pillars of digital transformation: making organisations more effective, efficient, and collaborative with digital workplace solutions; allowing organisations to acquire, develop, and retain more business by using technology to create more meaningful customer experiences through outstanding service; ensuring organisations’ employees, customers, and partners always have seamless access to their data and applications through reliable, secure connectivity.

Ongoing growth of Maintel’s cloud and managed services offerings continues to allow the company to keep supporting the increasing demands of the market.

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