Housing Association optimise customer contact across five contact centres

 – mplsystems’ intelligentDesktop helps agents handle calls from multiple social housing brands within Together Housing Group
 – Easily configurable desktop solution delivers flexibility needed to facilitate growth and enable internal tailoring as required

Together logo cyan masterTogether Housing Group, a leading provider of affordable rented homes across the North of England, has deployed a next generation contact centre intelligent desktop solution from mplsystems. The new intelligentDesktop will help optimise the performance of the Together Housing customer services team that manages some 35,000 homes across its five contact centres.

Together Housing Group handles customer service calls for ten different social housing brands. Now, using intelligentDesktop from mplsystems, the Group’s customer services team will be able to act as one single virtual contact centre, routing calls from one contact centre to another and sharing resources to ensure faster response times and a consistently high standard of customer service. Thanks to the new intelligentDesktop agents can now resolve customer inquiries regardless of the housing group involved, with a single, smart, agent-friendly user interface helping to improve the overall customer experience offered.

Stephen Batley, Together Housing Group Head of Customer Service said: “Each of the partners had a separate telephony system, which was clearly not suitable if we were to realise the benefits of the group structure. But it was vital that we maintained the local identity of each of the individual associations for customers.

“Now, thanks to the flexibility of the intelligentDesktop and the multi-channel iContact solution, we have one virtual customer contact centre. This ensures that the customer is dealt with quickly and efficiently and the call handler has all the information needed to deal with the call,” he continued.

mplsystems worked closely with Together Housing Group’s Customer Services and IT teams to fine tune the intelligentDesktop and iContact solutions to meet the Group’s specific requirements. A key priority was to ensure that Together Housing also had the skills and expertise needed to customise its contact centre agent desktops on an ongoing basis, while the on premise deployment of the mplsystems’ solutions means that Together Housing can easily migrate to a more unified communications platform strategy utilising Voice over IP at a later date.

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