16-24 Year Olds are Snubbing Phone for customer service queries

16 to 24-year-olds are snubbing the telephone for customer service queries in the contact centre according to Magnetic North research.

16.24.year.olds.image.july.2016Businesses need to prepare for the multichannel demands of next generation consumers or get left behind

Just 7% of 16 to 24 year olds will call a business even in relation to a high value sales query, with research revealing that one in five prefer to buy from businesses that offer multiple channels of communication. It’s not just young people who are turning their backs on the telephone with only 12% of people 16-55 year olds preferring to call a business.

The research findings highlight the need for a brand new approach to customer service. Magnetic North’s guide, the new rules of the inbound contact centre, available to download today says the industry needs to rip up the old rules of customer service, or risk losing customers.

In a traditional call centre ‘inbound’ meant incoming calls, but now, inbound should mean both instant communication such as telephone calls or chat, and email or social media posts that don’t necessarily require an instant reaction, although speed of response is still vital. It also reveals and how to handle multiple channels including calls, emails, chat, social media.

Magnetic North ImageEnda Kenneally, VP Sales & Business Development UK&I, Magnetic North, Commenting on the research,

“As we see the rise of a more customer-centric type of business, the contact centre is increasingly expected to contribute to revenue generation. In order to build customer loyalty and stand out against the competition, businesses need to deliver exceptional personalised customer experiences.”

“Responding to customer demands is a huge challenge for businesses and the old rules of ‘answer it quickly and dispatch it quickly’ are simply no longer sufficient. In order to achieve contact centre success, we need new technology, new skills and new strategies. So we’re ripping up the old rulebook and writing a new one.”

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The Magnetic North guide, ‘the new rules of the inbound contact centre is available for free download Click Here

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